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You are having a nice time with a friend by text, and you get an ISTG message. This text will throw you off guard, especially if you don’t know the ISTG meaning in text and an accurate reply. 

ISTG Meaning in Text – The Origin

We know things evolve, such as our way of interacting. Many phrases that a person was using in the 90s are moot these days. Just like we get a new word almost every month in this era, the same happens with Gen Z. ISTG is a slang language word made popular by the internet, social media, and text messages. Slang language wasn’t a common way of talking with each other till the start of this Century. Slang is a combo of internet acronyms, abbreviations, and symbols. 

Although there are no concrete traces of the first use of the Slang language, we can credit the African American community for using Slang on the streets. 

ISTG Meaning in Text

Now, we shed light on the background of ISTG. We move to the next step of understanding ISTG meaning in text. ISTG means ‘I swear to God’. The phrase ‘I swear to God’ has been around for centuries. The first evidence of people using this phrase in a serious conversation dates to the early 13th Century. In this era, the justice system began asking people to take an oath at a court hearing. I swear to God, I will speak the truth is the best example of this phrase in the 13th Century. 

Later, for many reasons, people began using acronyms, and ISTG became the new norm in society. We can credit the internet world and social media for ISTG’s popularity. 

ISTG Meaning in Text – The Uses

There are many ways to use ISTG in a message. We are sharing some of the most common ways here in the following. 

ISTG Meaning in Text Deliver Shocking News

The meaning of ISTG in text, audio messages, or social media remains the same. There are more than a few methods to use ISTG in text messages and social media. You can use ISTG at the start or the end of a sentence while delivering shocking news. People use ISTG to let the second person believe that you are speaking the truth. This is because people react with disbelief and neglect in case of shocking news. Thus, the modern generation uses ISTG to convey their message. Also, if you are funny and love to mess around with your friends, use ISTG. This way, people know when to differentiate your jokes from shocking news. 

Show you’re Annoyed!

If someone irritates you with text messages that get on your nerves, use ISTG. Without using this phrase, a person may not get your frustration level. As most people understand ISTG Meaning in text, it conveys the feel of the message in a better way. This Slang word conveys your message without portraying you as a mean person. 

Emphasize a Point

You can use ISTG to show a person you will follow a plan. This slang word is the best way to emphasize your promise. Also, the word is best to put someone in their place. You can say ‘ISTG, I will be at the party till 7’. Further, to put the order in your house, you can say, ‘If you don’t get your act together, ISTG, it will be bad news for you.’

How to Reply to ISTG message

Now that we understand the meaning and ideal use of ISTG slang, we move to the next step. What happens when you get an ISTG meaning and now must reply to the message?  If you don’t understand the perfect response, it may mark you as an outdated person. There are many methods to reply to an ISTG message. 

  • If a person sends you an ISTG message and shares a weird message, you can believe them. We don’t tend to accept shocking news that’s weird or has a bad effect. ISTG is when you know the news is true and reply with an appropriate phrase. For weird news that’s hard to believe, use ‘that’s crazy.’ Also, use ‘Oh my God’ or an alternate for shocking news. 
  • A second scenario you will get is receiving an ISTG message in a frustrating situation. Suppose your friend or a family member is feeling left out and frustrated. They send you a message. Your friend uses the ISTG slang language word to emphasize their frustration. Now, this should be when you can step up your emotional game. Be a good friend and use some relaxing messages to calm the friend. Depending on the situation, you can also use some jokes as well. 
  • If a friend sends you plans for a trip and makes a promise, you trust them. But suppose it is a plan from a friend that keeps ditching you. Then, things can get problematic. Now, receiving an ISTG message with a plan from that friend should be enough for you. In this situation, reply that you understand them and trust their plans. 

Slang language for Kids!

Slang language is not a sign of warning. But it is a street language, and people who use it can go in a different direction. So, parents need to monitor their kids to know if they are using this language. Youngsters are smart and more likely to pick and understand new words than older people. As people use Slang on social media and in texts, it is easier to learn these words than ever before. But there may be a chance that your kid is hanging out on the street instead of doing something positive. This point alone isn’t a great sign for their future. 

Being friends on the street may also lead to disaster without guidance. Parents must communicate with their children and explain the pros and cons of street language. They must also share all they know about street culture. This way, they can make the best decision for themselves.

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ISTG Meaning in Text


Following are the few most commonly asked questions about ISTG meaning in Text. 

1- What does ISTG mean?

ISTG means ‘I swear to God’. 

2- When can we use ISTG?

We use ISTG to emphasize that we are telling the truth in a conversation. Also, it is a word to use while making a promise

3- Can we use ISTG in a formal conversation?

ISTG is an informal and Slang word. Mostly people use this word on social media sites and while texting. 

4- Is ISTG an offensive Slang?

ISTG is not an offensive Slang. But since it contains God, some people may find it inappropriate to use in a few scenarios. 

5- What is an ideal response to ISTG?

We don’t need an explanation in response to ISTG. Just an acknowledgment phrase like ‘I believe you,’ will be enough. 

Final Word

ISTG is a perfect word to emphasize that we are speaking the truth during a conversation. Also, now we understand how we can set boundaries with another person when we are feeling annoyed. After reading the details we can reply to an ISTG message.

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