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You are surfing the internet, and you stumble upon the term clout chaser. It will cause you to scratch your head to understand the clout chaser meaning.

Clout Chaser Meaning – The Meaning

Out of many things that are relatively new to us, Slang language may be on top of the list. Although informal, Slang users are getting more numbers each day. Slang is the combination of acronyms, abbreviations, and symbols.

This language has existed for a long time. Language experts credit the African American community as the native speakers of the Slang language. However, due to the involvement of the internet and social media, it is spreading like wildfire.

There are many unique things about social media. One of them is its behavior. For those who observe, its behavior is worth noting. Most users on social media apps are Gen Z or the younger generation. Thus, they like sharing their views, emotions, and information in the shortest sentences.

Sometimes these users only depend on a few words as well. Over time the digital language of social media got a little mixed with Slang. Thus, these days you will often observe Slang on social media as the new digital way of communication.

One of the many Slang words that you will find these days on the internet, clout chaser makes the top of the list. Clout chaser meaning is vaster and deeper than other slang words. Clout chaser means seeking fame, money, and attention by associating with popular people.

Clout Chaser Meaning

Clout Chaser Meaning

The association may also be with famous groups, events, and social media trends. The definition of Clout chaser is more extended than a simple sentence. It also refers to a person’s association with a superstitious being as well.

Clout Chaser Meaning – The Origin

Most slang words originate from different abbreviations and acronyms. A lot of them don’t have an exact origin story with a trace. But if we ask the language experts, we’ll find a story behind the origin of the term clout chaser. The term Clout means power, money, or influence. Especially if a person is famous and has one of these three aspects, clout is the term that people will use to refer to the situation.

Now, let’s assume a person that chases all these aspects. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be famous and earning a lot of money. But if you prefer materialistic things over your relationships and friends or family, the situation gets worse. Then, you will reach the point of being a chaser.

The first-time language experts began noticing the word Clout chaser in 2012 on social media. Twitter marks as the originator of the phrase when a select few people were using clout chaser. But it took a while for other users on the social media apps to understand what clout chasing mean.

Clout Chaser Meaning – The Uses

There are more than a couple of ways to use Clout chaser in a sentence or context. These examples will help you under the term in a better way.

Social Media Clout Chasing

Social media is the force behind the popularity and use of the word Clout chaser. Ironically, we observe most of the clout chasing on social media apps. Social media is no longer the primary way of connecting with your friends and family. But it is also the biggest source of earning money.

Therefore, people are always looking to find unique ways to get clicks, followers, and subscribers on these apps. Maximum clicks and followers result in higher revenue for a social media user. Thus, people don’t care about verifying facts and figures while posting them on social media. Some of the users also post fake news and content about themselves to get famous and popular. This act fits in the definition of clout chasing.

Public Figures Clout Chasing

There are many examples if you want to know the clout chaser meaning. But the ideal examples are the public figures. Check around you study the behaviors of Politicians. It is common for an upcoming politician to be in different parties before getting to mainstream politics.

But few politicians in every country’s national politics don’t have an agenda. These people change their views, agenda, and comments after a few years. The primary reason behind this change of behavior is to get attention from the ruling party.  These politicians are an example of clout chasing.

Fake Relationships

Sometimes we observe a lot of relationships in our surroundings that take us by surprise. It mostly occurs during a romantic relationship, but you can also observe it in friendship. Two people that don’t have anything in common between them get together and form a relationship.

In this situation, people start observing the situation. After a while, the common friends find out that one of the people is a gold digger. They are maintaining the relationship just to get some benefit out of the other person. This is the moment when you say that they are being a clout chaser and the friendship seems fake.

Viral Trends Participation

We know social media has a lot of viral trends that keep changing regularly. Some of us participate in those trends while others are just observing the trends. But, out of nowhere, you see a friend participating in one of those trends. This situation will take you by surprise. However, things can get weirder if a friend is doing a trend that you never thought they would do.

Clout Chaser Meaning

Clout Chaser Meaning

For example, we know there is a friend in our group who never dances. Out of the blue, they start doing a viral dance trend and it will be taking us off our feet. Check and see if there is any fame associated with the trend. Maybe the friend’s social media account will get a lot of followers, likes, and subscribers due to the trendy video. This evidence will be enough for you to understand the ‘clout chaser meaning’. 

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Following are the few commonly asked questions about Clout Chaser. 

1- What does Clout Chaser mean?

Clout chaser refers to a person who seeks attention, fame, and influence by making friendships and relationships. 

2- What is the origin of the word Clout Chaser?

Clout is a term that refers to money, influence, and fame. If a person chases those things after being in a relationship, it becomes a Clout chaser. 

3- Is Clout Chaser a compliment?

No, clout chaser is not a compliment. It is a negative criticism of your personality and you should avoid it all the time. 

4- Can someone use Clout Chaser in a positive meaning?

Clout chaser is a negative term and is mostly used in criticisms. Using this word in a positive meaning is not possible. 

Final Thoughts

Now that understand the meaning of Clout chaser, we should avoid all costs. The primary purpose of the details shared is to establish relationships and friendships only due to feelings. Taking materialist advantage of a relationship is the worst thing a person can do in the current scenario.

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