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I am addressing all Snapchat-savvy people when I say, have you ever come across WSG? It’s not a secret code for a missile launch. Let’s see what does WSG mean for social media. 

What does WSG mean? Intro

Snapchat app is evolving faster than the human race and is becoming a world in itself. Regular users get a surprising factor every other day on the app. One of the words that you may have seen in your comment box is WSG. The acronym WSG represents “What’s good?” Wsg is a shortcut for “What’s good?” and is used to ask people how their lives are going. You may also inquire, “How are things going?” or “What’s up?” Wsg is used in the same contexts and has the same meaning as “What’s good?”

What Does WSG Mean

What Does WSG Mean

What does WSG Mean? The Alternate Meaning

Now, the question arises here: What does WSG mean? Without dissecting the word, we can’t learn its potential responses. WSG has different meanings. We need to understand the context of the message to decipher the essence of the phrase WSG. Although the above paragraph shares the basic meaning of the Slang WSG, it also has other meanings. 

What’s Going On

“WSG” could also indicate “What’s Going On?” This meaning is quite similar to “What’s Good?” but focuses more on inquiring about plans or current affairs. Someone sending you “WSG” can inquire about everyone’s whereabouts or plans in a group conversation.

What’s the Scenario?

“What’s the Scenario?” is a less utilized but essential interpretation. It can be used when someone wishes to know specifics about a situation. As you’re organizing a gathering, let’s say your friend texts you, asking, “WSG?” They may be inquiring about the specifics, such as the location and time of your appointment.

How to use WSG in the text?

Now that we understand “what does WSG mean in text?” we move to the vital point. We also need to learn the exact method for using this phrase in a conversation. This understanding will help us dominate the conversation on Snapchat. 

Checking in with Friends

The most common way of checking in with your friends is using WSG. People are using it too often while texting and on social media. Gone are the days when you had to send a long message to check on your friend. People need more time these days to reply to a lengthy message. Some of them don’t even read a message that’s longer than a couple of lines. Thus, blend in with the crowd and use WSG. You can use WSG to ask a friend about what they’re up to if you last met a long time ago. For example, use WSG! I hope you are doing well.

Confirming Plans

WSG is the best way to confirm if your friend is attending an evening party. Although it is informal Slang, it is still the best phrase to sound formal and ask for a friend’s schedule. If a friend is known in your group to back off from a weekend party at the last minute, you will be looking to get confirmation a few days ago for the party. In this situation, you can use WSG. For example, “Hey Paul, WSG this weekend?”

Getting Updates About a Situation

Suppose you have something important going on at work and are out of the office on a business matter. In this situation, you should get all the details about what went down at the office. The best way to seek info in a coded way without being noticed is WSG. 

In this situation, you can write, “Hey, WSG at the office?” Another example of WSG in this context is that you may be late for a charity event in your block. To find out how late you are, you can text someone at the event. This text will help you understand if you are missing anything important or just the preshow. Use the text “WSG at the event” to get your desired information. 

Sporting Discussion

We all love sports in one way or another. Sometimes, it is football, basketball, or any other sport. What happens if we also miss a game and forget to record it on DVR? Unless we love highlights, we ask a friend about the last night’s game. This discussion happens mostly among boys at a bar.

But if you can’t catch up with your game buddy after a game night, text him. Even if you saw the game, you may want to discuss a few points with him. Use a text like, “WSG last night. Did you watch?” In this context, the word WSG doesn’t mean what’s going on. But the sporting WSG means ‘Wildcard game’. So, once we understand the context, we can decipher the message. 

What Does WSG Mean

What Does WSG Mean

What does WSG Mean? The Perfect Response

Now that we understand the different variations of the phrase WSG on social media, we can move to the vital point. We must know the ideal responses to various scenarios where people use WSG. Without this information, we would still be out of the social media race to reach the top of the mountain. We know there are more than a few contexts where we can get WSG text. Let’s see the appropriate responses to each scenario to decipher better the question, “What does WSG mean in text?”

Checking in Response

In the first scenario, you may get WSG in text if a friend wants to check in with you. It means that you have been cut off for a long time, and they are looking for a catch-up. Acknowledge the friend’s greetings and start your message with a ‘hey’ or ‘Hi’. Then, share what’s going on in your life. You don’t need to share details about your private life. Just a scratch on the surface will be enough. You can also end the message by using a WSG for the friend. 

Confirming Plans Response

In the second scenario, you can get a WSG text from a friend who wants to confirm a plan. The answer to the question, ‘What does WSG mean on Snapchat?’ is here: What’s going on? It means that your friend wants to confirm plans for a meeting or a party. There is a possibility that you already talked about this plan. 

As you get a text in this context, you first need to acknowledge the message’s intent. This way, both parties will be on the same page. The primary reason for the message is to ensure you know the meeting plan and have all the details. This message can be about a party, meeting, or event. In the response, you should clarify the plan and should mention if there will be any changes. 

Getting Updates about a Situation Response

We have a third situation at hand with the WSG message. You are getting this message from a friend or co-worker who missed an essential detail of your life or a work matter. This situation requires you to be extra careful, as people may send you a WSG message to check if you are a snitch. You must trust the person before sharing specifics about a work situation. If the person isn’t closer to you, avoid sharing all the details and share public information about the official matter.l In case the situation relates to your personal life, avoid sharing anything with a stranger. 

Sports Discussion Response 

This last scenario is mild and depends on yourself. You may get a WSG message if a friend wants to discuss sports. In this case context, it depends on your interest in the sport and your relation with the message sender. If you have a deep connection, you may have a long discussion. Otherwise, send a positive response about the game in a few words. 

WSG message from a stranger

There is a minor possibility that you get a WSG message from a sender. It is a weird situation for anyone, and we all can have mixed emotions about an ideal response. It is possible that you don’t have the message sender’s number, and it ends up being your close friend or family member. 

The best thing you can do here is to check the details of the number. See if you can find out the owner and then draft a response. If the sender is a stranger, you can also put the message in your spam box or trash. You are not obligated to reply to every message you get on social media. If you want to send a reply, it is better to ask for some identification. Otherwise, avoid sharing personal details about yourself and complete the formality of replying. 

Tips for Using WSG on Social Media

By this point, we understand the details of WSG slang. We have the answer to the “What does WSG mean?” question. We are sharing some tips that will be valuable for you while using 

  1. Understanding your audience is crucial when using a Slang word. Everyone may not be aware of the meaning behind WSG. So, use this Slang word only with those who know the meaning behind WSG. In this situation, also note that the phrase is an informal word. We can’t use this phrase in a formal conversation. 
  2. I have highlighted different scenarios in which you can use WSG. It is very important to know all those scenarios so that when you use WSG on social media, your followers don’t mock you for misuse of the Slang word. 
  3. Since WSG is Slang, you should draft a clear message using this phrase. If you have to explain your statement in the following message, the primary purpose of using an acronym gets moot.
  4. WSG is a slang word. It would help if you used it engagingly. Refrain from overstressing yourself while using this Slang in text. 
What Does WSG Mean

What Does WSG Mean

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Following are a few questions about WSG slang. 

1- What does WSG mean?

“WSG” can stand for “What’s Good?” “What’s Going On?” “What’s the Scenario?” or, in some contexts, “Wildcard Game.”

2- What is an ideal response to a WSG message?

The ideal response to the WSG message depends on the context. It is not complex; all you need to do is tell the other person about your recent whereabouts or activities. 

3-How should I respond to the WSG message while confirming a plan?

First, acknowledge their message and then see if it suits your schedule. If you want to decline, answer them politely and ask to reschedule for a different date. 

Final Words

Now that you understand the meaning of WSG, you can change your social media game. You need to decipher the meaning of WSG as per the context message. This way, you can be involved in social media chats without pressure.

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