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Sitting on your couch using your cell phone, you get a text message, WTW. Without context and info, you may botch your response. Thus, let’s learn WTW Meaning in Text.

WTW Meaning in Text Backstory

We know how Gen Z talks goes over our heads, especially if you were born in the 90s or before that decade. That generation uses words and phrases we or the dictionary do not hear. This way of communicating wasn’t common in the 90s.

It took our younger generation less than a few decades to change how we interact. However, we need to understand where this whole communication concept came from. We can’t understand the roots of WTW Meaning in Text without knowing the background.

WTW is a slang language word. You will most likely hear this word from Gen Z. Gen Z are people born after 1997, the generation born in the internet era. Slang is an informal language that comprises acronyms, abbreviations, symbols, and internet phrases. Many YouTubers, TikTok stars, and internet personalities are the primary reason behind the Slang language. 

What does WTW mean on Snapchat?

The meaning remains the same whether on Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter. You only need to read the message in the context of your conversation, and you will get the gist of it. Another meaning of WTW is worth the wait. Now, this meaning isn’t that common across social media. You will see a select few people using WTW in this context.

WTW Meaning in Text People say WTW, if they went through a long wait to see something, it turned out to be good. For example, if you had a few months to wait to see your favorite movie, it would come out and be exactly as you expected. When you wish to share this news with a friend, you can use the message, “The movie turned out to be WTW.”

The least common meaning of the Slang word WTW is to walk the walk. You will rarely hear someone using the phrase in this context, as very few people have this info. You can use WTW in this context when you back your words in any life scenario. 

WTW Meaning in Text

Now that we know Slang and its origin, we move to the next part of knowing WTW meaning in text. WTW is an acronym that is part of the slang language. This acronym is famous for its use in the internet world and text messaging. WTW stands for “What’s the word?”. The phrase what’s the word itself stands for what’s up. But before concluding what WTW means, let’s explore it further.

WTW’s meaning can change depending on the scenario and condition. When you get a WTW message from a friend, they want to hang out with you to gossip. If you get a message WTW tonight, your friend asks about what you are doing tonight. Thus implying your availability for the evening. Traditionally, they are saying do you want to meet tonight. 

There is an alternate meaning to the phrase WTW as well. In some scenarios, WTW means, ‘what the heck.’ People use WTW to express their emotions of shock or surprise upon hearing unexpected news. This phrase is a new replacement for the ‘oh, my God’ phrase. For example, tell a friend that a co-worker got fired today at work. Gen Z will reply, ‘ WTW, tell me more.’ 

WTW Origin

To this day, we have had a complete overview of the WTW phrase and its many meanings. Before we understand “what WTW means in texting and how to use it,” let’s study its origin. It is a common perception among internet users that most of the Slang words have an African American origin. While explaining the origin of WTW, language experts second the African American origin beliefs.

The first traces of WTW used in the ‘what’s the word’ context date back to 2005. But the phrase ‘what’s the word’ as a replacement for what’s up has an early trace of the ‘40s. African American communities in the early 1940s had a common way of saying ‘what’s the word’ when they met each other in the morning. 

For many decades, the phrase was an inside thing for the African American community. However, the invention and popularity of the internet have spread the inside phrase to a global audience. Things were changing a little, and what’s the word became WTW in a slow, unnoticeable manner. 

How to Reply to WTW messages?

After understanding the meaning of WTW Meaning in Text from a larger perspective, we can now move to the critical part of replying to the message. 

In the first scenario, we know that a WTW message from a friend means they are interested in meeting you. WTW, in this context, isn’t that much of a brainer. All you need to do is share what you are doing in the evening. Later, if you are very excited to meet with your friend, set up a meeting time and have a great time in the evening. But if you are busy otherwise, there is no compulsion to meet. You can decline your friend politely or can schedule for a different day as per your schedule. 

WTW Meaning in TextHere is a twist in the first context. You may receive a message from a friend that you rarely meet. Also, you were busy that night and didn’t want to decline the meet-up. Thus, instead of being a lousy friend, reply to the WTW part and wait for the friend to follow up. You can mention what you are doing in the evening and wait for the following message. This trick will help you understand what your friend is up to with the WTW message. 

The reply is much easier if you get a WTW text in the shock content. If you are also shocked by the news, you can use the phrase WTW to text your friend. Otherwise, move the conversation by using an emoji or a wow message. This way, you can keep the chat alive and display that you are updated with modern Slang for more slang visit the page.


Following are the few common questions about WTW meaning in Text. 

1- What does WTW Meaning in Text?

WTW means What’s the word. But it has more meanings, each depending on the context of the conversation. 

2- What’s the origin of WTW?

The phrase what’s the word has been common since the 1940s. But the first trace of WTW dates back to 2005. 

3- How to reply to a WTW text?

WTW’s response depends on the context of the message. If a friend is reaching you with WTW, send them a reply with a meeting time, if possible. 

4- How to use WTW in a shocking news?

WTW also means ‘what the heck.’ We can use WTW upon hearing news that’s shocking and hard to believe. 

The Final Word

Now that we have the gist of WTW Meaning in Text, we can use this word in a better way. WTW has more than a single meaning. Whether we are replying or sending WTW to a friend, understanding the context is important. Use it wisely and be the social media pro!

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