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For the past two decades, acronyms have become part of our lives. One of them is WYLL. Here, we’ll explore the question, “What does WYLL mean?” and its many meanings. 

The Background and Origin

Since social media sites have become part of our lives, acronyms or abbreviations have become common in chit-chats. But, if we think social media is the sole reason behind this new way of talking, we’ll be wrong. We need to scroll through history lessons and search for the origin of the short method of interaction—the first traces of acronyms we can find date back to 1879 by Walter P. Phillips. 

Mr. Phillips was the developer of the telegraphic code for the United Press. Walter used the term POTUS for the U.S. President. Also, the letters SCOTUS were jotted down to refer to the Supreme Court of the U.S. It took a while for things to catch up with the public.

Later, the letters FLOTUS were shared with the First Lady. But it wasn’t until the 1960s that the Oxford Dictionary used acronyms for the first time.  This way, many acronyms became part of our lives and raised the question, what does WYLL mean?

What does WYLL mean? Social Media Use

The original intention of using acronyms in a newspaper or report was to save writing time and space. However, things are working differently on social media. In the early days, these phrases weren’t being used on social media. Later, it became a trend to shorten the commonly used words. WYLL’s meaning is ‘What you Look like’. People use this phrase while sending a text or a D.M. to a stranger on Facebook, text, Snapchat, or another app.

How to use WYLL?

Now we know the answer to “what WYLL means in the text,” we move to the next step. A person must know how to use this phrase. We use WYLL to get in touch with a stranger. Also, it is playful fun to poke at a friend on Snapchat. There comes a time when you are hitting it off with someone on a comment board. Also, if you like a person’s TikTok videos, you must message them. At that moment, if you wonder what the other person looks like, use WYLL in the D.M. 

Don’t be shy or afraid of sending WYLL to a stranger. This phrase is now a norm on social media. However, some people aren’t too comfortable sharing their pic with a stranger. Thus, getting sad or feeling rejected isn’t a wise reaction. Some of the most common ways to use WYLL are as follows:

  • I saw your TikTok videos; amazing. Also, I was wondering about WYLL.
  • It’s an incredible blog, WYLL, by the way.

Poking fun at a friend with WYLL

Now, there is a different way to use WYLL while chatting with a friend. We can use this phrase in a scenario-based chat to see how a friend will react in a certain situation. You may follow up with a friendly quip to lighten the mood. 

What does WYLL mean in Snapchat?

Snapchat is the most common social media app these days. We know Snapchat is based on sharing images.  Thus, we don’t see the question, “What does WYLL mean in Snapchat?” too often. But if you are not using your image as a profile pic or your privacy settings are restrictive, you will get WYLL messages. You will get this message from those who aren’t in your circle or haven’t met you.  The primary intention behind “what does WYLL means in a snap” is to get a selfie. No matter your social platform, the acronym has the same meaning. 

what does wyll mean on snapchat

How do you respond to the WYLL message?

Now that we know the phrase’s meaning on a few social forums, we can proceed to the next step. The situation becomes different when you are on the receiving end of a WYLL message. Your response to the message depends on the sender of the message. There can be two scenarios for a WYLL message. If the sender is someone you know on social media, you can respond to them by sending a picture. 

But the situation also depends on the vibe you are getting from the sender’s text. If you come across the person and interact with them in a fun manner, you will be sending your image. But if they trigger you and reach the creepy zone, they may get blocked when replying to WYLL.

Also, things may get different if you are getting into a relationship with a user on social media. It depends on your relationship status on whether you send an image or not to a WYLL message. If you aren’t there yet, send a “not there yet” sticker on your keyboard as a reply. This way, you can keep your privacy intact and add humor to your chat. 

Choose To Ignore

While chatting with a new user, we all need to be extra careful. Your privacy and security matter the most on social media. There have been many cases of illegal activities in our society because of social media chats. If you reach a point where a user is making you insecure in your chat, don’t hesitate to use the block button. You must change the privacy setting of your account as well if it feels necessary. 

If the situation doesn’t make you uncomfortable, but you don’t feel like replying, ignore it. There is no compulsion to reply to a social media D.M. There may be a few instances where your friends use WYLL as fun banter. Try responding to those messages using a funny response, image, or emoji. The situation helps you get more connected with people on social media.


1- What does WYLL stand for?

WYLL stands for “What you look like”.

2- When should we use WYLL in texting?

We use WYLL to see what a person looks like with the basic purpose being asking for their picture. 

3- How to respond to WYLL text?

You can either respond by sharing your picture or a selfie. In case you don’t feel comfortable, there are no obligations in this situation, A modest reply in negative will suffice. 

4- Is there an alternate use of WYLL?

Besides asking for a picture, there is an alternate use of WYLL. You can put your friend in a situation and see how they will react. For example, WYLL if your car ran out of gas in the night. 

Final Words

Now that we understand the meaning of WYLL, it is not a word for us anymore. We can now participate in engaging conversations on social media using WYLL. Also, after getting this information, we won’t have to scratch our heads whenever we get WYLL in text. 

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